Technology Enhanced Learning for educators…

– UPDATED March 14 2009
I changed the name from DIY Tech for Teachers, but I don’t plan to change the focus and direction of the content.  I will continue to attempt to provide insight into the actual mechanics and literal “how tos” of software and hardware use and deployment, but I thought I needed to be more clear that I believe it’s equally unrealistic to expect all professional educators to be programmers or hardware and networking specialists as it is to expect  all IT professionals to study and model the most subtle points of pedagogy and human development.  What I seek is a coming together of theory and practice, and while I think that inevitably means teachers will become more tech savvy and technophiles will become more teacherly, the first step has got to be finding community and common purpose.
Much more to follow…
*  *  *
I learned a whole heap o’ stuff about computers and the Internet exactly the same way I learned to play the guitar — by “copping” other people’s licks.
copping other people’s licks

copping other people’s licks

I’m planning on turning this blog into an interactive, outcomes-based learning site where I 1) learn how to use new hardware and software for the world of Web 2.0, documenting my own learning process on the way, to 2) show you everything I learned already over the last 15 years of my involvement in online systems and learning.

Over the next short while I’ll outline the intended content, then fill in the outline. My aim is to have theory pages, practice pages, and pages of activities that hopefully join theory with practice, presented to the extent possible  as questions, in the hope you’ll be motivated to use the comments feature to reply with your answers and questions of your own.
  • Programming
    • Web Applications
    • Database Management Systems (DMS)
      • Access
      • MySQL
  • Blogging
  • Podcasting & Vodcasting
    • getting it made (production – Open Source, Apple, Other)
    • getting it out there (publishing, syndication – RSS and Atom)

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